Last week we were graced, and we don't use that word lightly, by the presence of Laura Doggett. Our thanks to Sony ATV for arranging to bring her in. 

Our first stop was at RKCR/Y&R for a Tea Room Session, which we curate. And Laura sung to the room and captivated the audience. Sessions like these are always interesting as you see the artist go from arriving, and wondering what on earth they are in for, to being greeted by the warmth and gratitude of the agency - and leaving on a high.

We then jumped into a car and headed to Jungle Studios, our home and the venue for our own showcases - Lounge Sessions.

Laura (and Mark on keys), then wowed the packed room, with her incredible voice and strength of songs. The depth and weight of Laura's songs are counter-balanced by her light and playful personality that came across so well in between. The intimate environment always makes these showcases special occasions, but this one even more so. You could feel the connection between artist and audience from the outset. Watch a tiny clip here:

Everyone stuck around for drinks and food, and Laura hung out with us all for a while too. Nobody really wanted to go home. It was a special showcase, that we will remember for a long time.

Don't miss the next one - it's big.

The Native Team