Sometimes a project comes along that's a pleasure to work on from start to finish. Music supervising M&S Christmas this year was one of those experiences. The commercial itself is outstanding, taking the brand's christmas ads back to their very best. The team at RKCR (Pip, Chris, Sally, Flo and Spru) and composer Guy Farley were a joy to work with. Sally (Joint Head of Broadcast Production at RKCR) even plays the final triangle note that you hear in the ad (see pictures below).

Guy Farley composed a wonderful score that conjours up all the magnificence, magic and class that you would expect to accompany the visuals. Guy's knack for a great melody, and his skill of helping tell the story with his total control of orchestral layers and dynamics comes to the fore in his score.

We recorded at Abbey Road under the guidance of legend Simon Rhodes,  with a sixty piece orchestra, twelve strong choir and Sally on the triangle.

We're very proud to have been involved in this, truly one of the best Christmas ads we have seen in a good few years. It's the golden era of Hollywood brought to you by director Johan Renck and RKCR/Y&R.