Last year we creatively re-interpreted and recorded a new version of the "You and Me Song" originally by the Wannadies. The campaign was for Pets At Home, and the advert was made up of crowd sourced footage from people's mobiles, cameras etc.

In 2015 a new batch of ads has been made and they are as charming as the originals.

We spent a long time searching for existing tracks on this project before realising that taking a song with the right sentiment, but not necessarily the right feel - and moulding it to fit the campaign was the best way forward.

We demo'd using sampled pianos and strings, but then recorded everything for real at Angel Studios in Islington. It was a great experience, and we're delighted to hear it on the airwaves again.

Congratulations to Krow for another heart warming campaign.

Click HERE to watch the first of the new adverts.