Abbey Road Studios

Abbey Road Studios

The Tesco Christmas campaign was another fantastic project to work on with many facets and lots of involvement from the whole Native team.

BBH had the idea to pick one song that would work in multiple styles for the different scripts. After deciding on Shakin Stevens’ “Merry Christmas Everyone”, we worked closely with the agency to find the right genres for each script. There were 5 scripts in total, 1 x 60” and 4 x 30”

"Turkey Every Which Way” was the first advert to be released. The agency wanted this film to be about the people, the different families and their experiences of Christmas. They wanted the music to have depth and scale, with a build that carries you through the film. We eventually settled on a modern stripped back arrangement with guitar, piano and strings.

‘An Extended Family Christmas’, the second TV ad in the campaign, highlights the work done by Tesco’s charitable programmes to help provide food to those who need it over the festive period. The music brief for this film was one of the harder ones to crack. The original references were folk tracks, however it needed to evoke the right emotions and help with the community feel of the film. The final arrangement was a male and female vocal three part harmony, accompanied by guitar, piano, accordion and light percussion.

“Save Time with finest*" was the next film to go to air. When writing the script, the agency knew they wanted a classic big band swing track to help the narrative of the story. We worked with arrangers Jake Walker and Colin Skinner to create an authentic-sounding swing track. After creating the demo, we tweaked the score to finalise the timings and sync with the video edit. Once everything was signed off we took it to Abbey Road studios to record it with some amazing musicians, conducted by Jake himself.

“A 'Save The Day' Christmas” was the penultimate ad of the campaign. This time the Shakin Steven’s track was arranged in a sleepy, magical, late night crooner style. Working with arranger Nick Samuel we created a demo that was eventually recorded live, once again at Abbey Road Studios.

“An Unexpected Christmas” was the final chapter in this epic campaign. The script was all about highlighting the supermarket's selection of drinks, and it shows a group of friends bringing the party to their injured friend’s house. After trying out various genres against the script, we eventually settled on a laid-back soul style.

Thanks to BBH, all our amazing musicians, arrangers, vocalists and the wonderful team at Abbey Road Studios who made this all possible. 

That's Christmas for 2017, done.